The hamstrings play an important role in leg flexibility. This isometric bridge exercise is ideal for improving pelvic and knee flexibility, so it will help you become more flexible overall.If you want to learn more exercises to increase your flexibility, be sure to check out our article 14 flexibility exercises.

In addition to strengthening the hamstrings, hamstring flexion and stretching exercises increase the flexibility of the knees, giving your legs the strength to withstand high-impact exercises. You can do these hamstring exercises at the gym on a Smith machine or parallel bar.

The Nordic curl is a great exercise to increase knee flexibility and strengthen the hamstrings. You can do it at the gym or, if you prefer hamstring exercises at home, you can find a surface to hook your feet on. We explain how to do the Nordic curl here:

Hamstring machine

Hamstring muscle injuries frequently occur in athletes or as a result of forced hip flexion with the knee straight. They are especially common in athletes who participate in sports that require running, jumping and changes of direction.

Most hamstring strains heal very well with conservative treatment of rest, cold and compression. Physical therapy and rehabilitation are essential and the mainstay of treatment.

A therapy program focuses first on flexibility. Gentle stretching will improve your range of motion. As healing progresses, strengthening exercises will gradually be added to your program. Your doctor will discuss with you when it is safe to return to sports activity.

After surgery, you will need to remain unloaded to protect the repair. In addition to using crutches, you may need a brace to keep your hamstring in a relaxed position.

Hamstring exercises at home

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