Running and practicing Mindfulness are two activities that combined can improve our sense of happiness in the day to day, free our mind and body and improve the connection with the present moment. Practicing running helps to achieve a greater disconnection from our daily worries such as stress at work, helps to take our mind off our personal problems for a few minutes … making it a perfect physical exercise to practice whenever you want.

perfect physical exercise to practice whenever you want and anywhere. For its part, meditation is a way to know ourselves better. An exercise of connection that will help us to

live with greater serenity and mental clarity, getting away from the noise that our thoughts cause us throughout the day. Two activities that separately are complete but combined can contribute a lot to each other. «The idea of running with Mindfulness is to apply mindfulness to my running outings with meditation practices,» Paula tells us.

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That’s what happened to us with the Sports Kit sent to us by Naipo Store to test their Muscle Massage Gun + TENS Electro Stimulator. And why did it come at the right time? Here we tell you about our experience and a surprise especially for you.

With her powerful philosophy of «diet-free nutrition», Stefy Fernandez nutritionist, nutritional coach of Adidas Runners Madrid and of course, runner, tells us about her passion for sport and for guiding people to make peace with food and their body through self-care.

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Get into a quadrupedal position (or on all fours like our cute pets, just so you know!), place your hands and feet on the ground and keep your elbows and knees taut. Bring one hand to the opposite foot, letting the other hand, the one that remains on the ground, to support the entire weight of your body.

From the quadrupedal position, placing both hands and feet on the ground and keeping your elbows and knees straight, try to bend as if you wanted to touch the ground with your head, opening your elbows outward. Extend your elbows again to separate your head from the ground and return to the starting position and repeat the exercise.

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And for those of you who don’t know her, I’m sure you’ll be interested to know that, apart from being a yacht hottie and knowing about wellness what’s not in the literature, Paula is a brave girl who one day decided to change Civil Engineering for another path that really made her feel happy: sport.

And her worth and energy is so evident that even Nike has taken a liking to her and as a Master Trainer, right now Pau leads one of the projects of the Barcelona Box in which running, SUP, yoga or pilates classes are taught around Barceloneta and also performs other workouts in the rest of the city as the #LaHuellaInspirafit. Cool everything, right?

Yes. And in fact, in the routine that I present to you, we will perform some functional training exercises using only the weight of our own body which, in addition, will allow us to perform these exercises at any time and anywhere.

Of course! that is one of the advantages. Being functional exercises, they are very important in everyday life, so in the day to day you will notice how much easier it will be to carry weight or something as simple as opening a jar of those who sometimes resist.