Lucia liencres yoga

Lucia liencres yoga

5 days of yoga with lucia. day 3: strengthening the abdomen

The more I practiced the more I liked it, the better I felt and the more interest I had in knowing more about yoga; so, without thinking of becoming a teacher and with the goal of knowing more about yoga, I decided to do yoga teacher training.

I have a yoga studio called THECLASSyoga where I teach in-person classes in Madrid and online classes both recorded and live, rocket, power, vinyasa, jivamukti, hatha, integral, beginners, yin and meditation. In addition to deepening workshops on weekends.

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Thanks to the postures we purify the body and keep it strong, flexible and balanced. They are the vehicle that connects us physically with the soul, and are always linked to breathing: pranayama.

They are abundant and begin to be noticed from the first day. Thanks to yoga you can improve strength, gain flexibility, lose weight, correct posture, reduce stress, relieve muscle pain, strengthen the immune system ….

Ideal for all those who want to enter this magnificent world and discover everything about the initiation to yoga. We will see how to start doing yoga, exercises, classes and yoga postures for beginners, tips and everything you need to build your yoga routine from scratch.

This section is dedicated to my first pregnancy, everything I experienced trimester by trimester as a pregnant yogi so you can safely adapt your practice during pregnancy: first trimester, second trimester and third trimester.

In «yoga for pregnant women» I want to share with you this incredible experience, and I give you the information that I have collected and that I think is important: how a birth should be, books about pregnancy, exercises and postures for pregnant women, yoga for babies…

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That’s why we usually start practicing asana, pranayama, meditation… and our life starts to change, the patterns we had are no longer the ones we had before… the feeling is incredible… and so, the day also comes when we want to go deeper.

My training is an introspection and a discovery of yourself. We will work on a solid foundation of philosophy and anatomy and learn various techniques for asana building. Through the practice of asana, pranayama, meditation you will discover the subtle energy channels woven within you that connect you to others and the world and how they return to yourself.

The goal of the training is to open your eyes wide, learn from the essence of life and love for yourself so you can share your essence with the world through the practice of yoga.

The «focus» of the training is vinyasa, the pedagogy will be worked on emphasizing the most dynamic types of yoga such as ashtanga, vinyasa, rocket and power yoga and how to compensate them with yin yoga and restorative types of yoga.

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