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Ramiro calle youtube

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On November 20 and 21 the Prado will again host the local trade fair; the bullring the animal fair, and during three weekends there will be Tapas Contest, funfair and cultural performances.

The program of the Fira de Fires Ondara 2021 will take place from November 13 to 28 and during the three weekends there will be an Amusement Fair -in its usual location in Nacions Sense Estat street-, Tapas Contest in local establishments and concerts and performances framed in the cultural program of «Ondara, the jewel of Culture».

The traditional Local Trade Fair will take place on the weekend of November 20 and 21 taking as its location the Prado, with capacity control, reduction of exhibitors and the delimitation of a circular route to avoid crowds and encourage the visit to all stands.

Thus, Ramiro insists on the desire to encourage citizens to participate «in a safe and responsible way in the fair» and thanks the ACO «their initiative and effort,» stressing that the initiative to resume the fair is done with great enthusiasm and hard work.

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Those living in the neighborhoods of San Martín, Militar, La Floresta, El Resguardo, Fleming, San Agustín, Belgrano, San Miguel and Emilio Tomás will be inoculated at Club Patria; while Club Sarmiento will be for those from the neighborhood of the same name.

Likewise, children from Lote 68, Lote 67, Norte and Norte Bis will receive the second dose at EPEP Nº 335 in the Namqom neighborhood and at EPEP Nº 378 in the Facundo Quiroga neighborhood, those living in San Juan, San Antonio, Lisbel Rivira, Itatí II, Facundo Quiroga and Facchini.

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«It seems to us that discussing statistics is outside what people feel, that there is insecurity and that their life or property is at risk. I could argue and say that the statistics in CABA went up and in the province it did not», pointed out the official.

In this context, Cerruti admitted that she was «deeply disgusted» by the position adopted by the opposition sectors towards the relatives of the kiosk owner murdered in Ramos Mejía Roberto Sabo, and pointed out that they used «the tragedy and the pain of a family» for electoral purposes.

Likewise, as a representative of the government, the spokeswoman sent her «embrace, solidarity and understanding» to the victim’s family and indicated that «every pain and tragedy reaches the heart of this Government and it is a shared pain». «The Government understands the problem of insecurity and has taken a number of important measures», she closed.

In this sense, Cerruti mentioned that the government will «continue working to reform the juvenile criminal law, which is very old, unfair and inequitable» and will focus on the «reinsertion and reintegration of young people who commit crimes».

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There are no checkbooks here, if that’s what you were thinking. We got it based on work, work and more work. The same formula that led you to win 3 Copas del Rey (King’s Cups), to runner-up finishes in the Spanish League or to the Euroleague Final Four in 1992.

Another must-see is the recreation of the historic Battle of Almansa, which took place on April 25, 1707. Perhaps you have seen in the Prado Museum the painting of the battle, a canvas as spectacular as the recreation of the battle.

Or rather, the Moors and Christians Festivities from April 30 to May 6. Evil tongues say that our countrymen came up with the idea of making Muchachada Nui one of those nights, so you can imagine… That week is to the festival what José Luis Cuerda is to cinema. Once in a lifetime you have to experience them and not just because I say so: they are declared of international tourist interest.

PS: Whether you bring your shoes and wine or not, what you are guaranteed is an unforgettable ovation for your Estu, before and after the game. I promise you that it is one of the best things you will take away from this historic LEB Gold. We are separated by many things, but we are united by the most important thing: basketball.