Vinyasa yoga xuan lan

Vinyasa yoga xuan lan

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Xuan Lan presents a 4-week course to get you started and establish a good foundation in vinyasa yoga, especially for those who want to continue evolving in their yoga practice from the basics.

With 10 videos and 3 downloadable documents focused on learning and exploring the discipline of vinyasa yoga in a methodical and progressive way, you will learn the basics of this more fluid and dynamic practice, in which the goal is to synchronize the breath with the movement.

We will work on transitions and see different sequences to practice and evolve, with key standing and floor postures and daily meditation and pranayama practices. In addition to the 10 videos, this program includes a manual, a meditation journal and a calendar to help you get organized and stay consistent.

This program is aimed at beginners who have already been practicing yoga for a few months and want to take a step further in their practice, incorporating more fluid and dynamic sequences. If you want to get started in vinyasa yoga from the basics, if you have tried a class, but it has been complicated, this program is for you: we will go into detail of all aspects of vinyasa yoga sequences, to go practicing and evolving progressively.

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Información de la empresa Xuan Lan es una profesora de yoga certificada en vinyasa yoga. Con más de 18 años de experiencia, su práctica habitual durante más de 8 años ha sido el ashtanga yoga estilo Mysore, pero ahora varía y practica varios estilos de yoga dinámico (Vinyasa, Dharma, Jivamukti, ashtanga yoga etc.). Sigue formándose a través de talleres, formaciones y retiros con profesores y maestros que le inspiran y de los que siempre aprende.

Xuan Lan enseña un yoga que ella misma define como dinámico para personas urbanas y activas que necesitan desconectar de su rutina y reconectar consigo mismas. Xuan difunde la enseñanza del yoga en Barcelona de forma fácil y accesible para todo el mundo a través de clases presenciales, conferencias, eventos multitudinarios, vídeos en su canal de Youtube y artículos en su blog Yogalan en Women’s Health. Su objetivo es llevar el yoga al mayor número de personas posible para que haya más armonía y amor dentro de cada uno.

En marzo de 2016 publicó su primer libro, «Mi diario de yoga» (ed. Grijalbo), que ofrece un plan de 4 semanas para introducir el yoga a diario, para sentirse bien por dentro y por fuera. La 9ª edición está disponible en las librerías españolas y en Amazon.

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Xuan LanThis well-known yoga teacher is an expert in Vinyasa Yoga. In her online studio you can take introductory courses in this style of yoga and also take regular classes with her from home.

Cristina Madrid YogaWe also love the personal style of this teacher, who also fuses yoga and therapy in delicious flowing practices for women. She is an Oysho collaborator and also has yoga initiation programs. Her IG profile is pure inspiration.

Tara StilesThis former model has become an international yoga reference (she collaborates with the legendary Jane Fonda). We are passionate about her way of teaching classes, always looking for fluidity, comfort and naturalness in the movements. Don’t miss her Instagram profile.

Meghan CurrieIf you are looking for inspiration, if you want to fall deeply in love with yoga in movement and really dance with your body and your breath, you have to meet this «yoga magician». Her Instagram profile will fascinate you. She also has spectacular online yoga programs.

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At Solgar we are committed to your health and wellness. That’s why we have teamed up with yoga teacher Xuan Lan, to help you achieve a healthy lifestyle with simple practices that you can incorporate into your routine.

Our body is a complex system in which different organs are involved, so it is important to take care of our overall health. We must keep our immune system healthy, but without forgetting other aspects of our day that go unnoticed.

The immune system contributes to the production and distribution of cells that protect us from microbes and infections. Habits such as reducing alcohol consumption, washing our hands or taking care of our diet can be fundamental.

Did you know that stress has a direct effect on the digestive system? Therefore, we must adapt our attitude and lifestyle habits. Making meals a quiet moment, chewing enough and establishing regular schedules are some of the practices we can incorporate.