Xuan lan yoga instagram

Xuan lan yoga instagram

yoga practice instagram

There is no doubt that yoga has become one of the protagonists of this quarantine. Everyone practices it at home with clinical precision (or so we think from the living room with no one to correct us), but how is it possible that we share the same teacher? Click on the photo to know the best YouTube channels to exercise at home. / xuan lanDIANA MATILLA

Xuan Lan came into my life by chance (and it couldn’t have happened to me any better during my confinement, you little word). It had been several months since I had taken up yoga and when I discovered that my stay at my parents’ house would turn into something more than just a vacation on the coast when the

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She has also published two books: ‘Mi diario de Yoga’ (ed. Grijalbo) which offers a training plan to introduce yoga, and the most recent, ‘Yoga para Mi Bienestar’ (ed. Grijalbo) with tips to develop physical and spiritual well-being. As she notes on her website, she likes to vary the styles of dynamic yoga (Vinyasa, Dharma, Jivamukti, ashtanga yoga, etc.), and that is also reflected in her Instagram account where we can find all kinds of postures and routines that serve as a guide. If you have already been initiated into the yogi universe, here are some of the ones you can practice from home. Warrior posture.

«Practice with awareness, seeking to get out of your comfort zone without going overboard with ego. And listen to your body, it is wise,» explains Xuan Lan at the bottom of this video in which he shows how to do the warrior’s pose, to improve flexibility and work the pelvic floor. Standing asanas to gain balance

With the navasana (or boat) posture as a base, Xuan Lan proposes in this video four movements that help strengthen the abdominals, hip flexors and the back of the body. Variants of the pigeon pose

24:22your first yoga class (beginner level)xuan lan yogayoutube – 20 jun 2019

I tend to eat well at lunchtime and have a light dinner. At night I am more of creams, steamed vegetables and little else, although I do not forgive a piece of dark chocolate at night because it is my daily whim.

For me, health and wellness also involves communication at home, with my husband, because we work together and I mean communication, not just talking about work. When you work with your partner it is important to also have couple moments and personal moments: to talk about something you have read and liked, reflections and thoughts you have, etc.

Apart from this I have a ‘personal trainer’ once a week and we train in the park. We force ourselves to get out in the park and do it outdoors, and the weekend is nature, nature and more nature.

But the stimulation comes and the thrill of stress is there. If you let thinking about whatever problems you have stress you out at home, while you’re resting, it becomes chronic stress. These disciplines help you manage it better and not let it get to you so much.

40:06my first yoga class | hatha for beginnersxuan lan yogayoutube – 27 may 2021

If you’re in search of a sport that will help improve your physical and mental fitness at the same time, yoga is all you need! Here are the five Instagram accounts that will make you love this discipline forever (with us, they already have)…

As we know that maybe it’s a little hard for you to look for places where yoga classes are offered (because of the de-escalation issue or because you’re already used to practicing sports at home and outdoors) we have compiled the best accounts of yoga experts for you to start practicing it (and at no cost). We promise you’ll love them!

And we start with…Lucia Liencres! A most inspiring Instagram account, you’ll know it as soon as you see it! On her account the instructor talks about the importance of practicing yoga and all the benefits it brings to our metabolism. She also usually uploads some short videos that show you that you don’t need anything special to join her practice, just desire!

If you want more, in her Youtube account you can find a thousand options to practice yoga. If you are a beginner, don’t worry! She also has several talks on how to get started in yoga. Here is a little bit of rocket yoga…we love this modality!